SEO Keyword

What is SEO Keyword?

Wikipedia gives us a definition of keywords as:

…the words that are used to reveal the internal structure of an author’s reasoning. While they are used primarily for rhetoric, they are also used in a strictly grammatical sense for structural composition, reasoning, and comprehension. Indeed, they are an essential part of any language.

With this, we can define SEO keywords as the word or groups of words that reveal the internal structure and composition of a webpage in relation to SEO. But another and more simple way to define SEO keywords is to say that they are the words or search terms that people enter on the search engine when they are looking to find something on the internet.

Actually, if you take these two definitions together, you’ll get the essence of SEO: to find the keywords that your targeted audience is searching for and to optimization your site in such a way that it’s internal structure and composition willreflect the keywords that your audience is searching for. Although, one element is missing — your rank in the SERP or the search engine results page.

With a proper SEO keyword, a well optimized site and a high ranking in the SERP, you are almost assured of success.

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